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Cutting-Edge Communications Technology At A Budget-Friendly Price

Modern business dictates that you walk a fine balance. You need a cutting-edge communications solution that gives you an advantage over your competition, but you also have to reduce your costs to the greatest extent possible. Luckily, we have a solution that provides you with more features and can slash your monthly phone bill by up to 50%.

Due to the constraints of competing technologies, many businesses are paying for far more phone lines than they actually need. This is especially true of multi-location businesses, which often must pay for a separate set of lines for each location. We allow you to pool virtual call pathways between all of your locations, cutting down on the total number that you are paying for. We also cut your costs in other ways as well, including energy-efficient equipment, low-cost hardware options, and inexpensive alternatives to pricey services like call answering services.

Not only does our system help you keep costs down, but it gives you the communications tools you need to improve the efficiency of your employees and handle any situation that comes up. We can provide your business with options for voice, fax, chat, video, presence management, and more. We also have advanced solutions for critical business operations like call routing, call recording, inbound contact centers, and cloud-based auto-attendants.


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NEWBURY TECHNOLOGIES is a trusted partner of Star2Star Communications, developer of the World’s Most Complete and Scalable Cloud Communications Solution. Star2Star unifies customers’ voice, video, fax, instant messaging and presence management into a single, easy-to-use system. Star2Star solutions are sold through a diversified network of partners that include distributors, master agents, managed service providers and certified installing dealers. Available across North America, Star2Star systems are used by hundreds of thousands of business users, including large national chains with multi-location communications footprints.